Catering to a wide range of audiences (Non-Arab speakers, adults, and children), the course has been divided into multiple lessons, all based on the rules of Noor El Bayan, Fath Ul Quran, Live Classes Recite Quran. It is one of the easiest and fastest techniques to learn to recite the Holy Quran the right way.

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  • Assalam o Alaikum. I am Hania Khan, and I'm thrilled to share my experience with Al-Hady Academy's Quran classes. The classes are remarkably engaging, and the teachers make the Quranic learning experience thoroughly enjoyable. Al-Hady Academy has truly made my journey of learning the Quran special, and I eagerly anticipate my continued growth. Thank you.
  • It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this academy's learning journey. Over the past two years, my Quranic studies with a hafiz have yielded substantial progress in reading the Quran in Arabic. The expertise of the instructor and the academy's approach have been instrumental in this success. I wholeheartedly recommend Al-Hady Academy to anyone seeking to learn the Quran at their own pace and convenience.
  • Our experience with Al-Hady Academy has been a source of sheer enjoyment, delight, and blessings for both my children and myself. The ZOOM online platform offers an excellent environment for teacher-student interaction beyond the traditional classroom setting, enhanced by its real-time recording capabilities. 
    However, the pinnacle of our experience lies in our Quran instructor and teacher, Sheikh Muhammad El-Shahat. His remarkable ability to connect with students and adapt instruction to their learning styles is truly commendable. In just three weeks, he corrected my Arabic letter pronunciation and taught me, a 63-year-old, the tajweed rules along with their practical application.
    His skill in teaching children is nothing short of remarkable. Initially unfamiliar with Arabic, both my sons, ages 9 and 7, have made exceptional progress within a year. My eldest son has even completed reading the entire Quran with Tajweed. The online accessibility during travel adds to the convenience, which contrasts with the limitations of traditional mosque or school-based learning. Sheikh Muhammad and Al-Hady Academy deserve a resounding 5-star rating!


Sheikh Muhammad

Mohamed Elshahhat Mohamed Sayed Ahmed is a dedicated educator and preacher renowned for his expertise in Islamic studies. With over 36 years of experience as a Quran and Tajweed teacher, he has a natural ability to connect with students, both in-person and online. Holding a diverse educational background and Ijazah in Memorization from prestigious sources, he imparts his deep understanding of the Quran and Arabic language. Beyond teaching, Mohamed is a respected Imam, preacher, and author, contributing to interfaith dialogue and media programs. His commitment to Islamic education, dynamic preaching, and global outreach has made him a notable figure in the field.

Mrs. Tariq Mahmood

Studied at a Madrissa in Karachi from 1987 for seven years and during these years studied Arabic language Grammer, AhadeethNabwe, Tafseer, Fiqh, Balagha, Adab, Usoolul Hadeeth, UsoolulFiqah etc. Studied further (Takhasus) in Fiqh for three years with Mufti TaqeeUsmanisb and studied UsoolUlIftah and ImdadUlFatawa and other books for studies and wrote Fatawa to 50 questions with Hazrat Shaikh. Studied Arabic, Fiqh, Hadeeth e.g. Qadoori, Mishkaat Al Masabeeh and Qatratun Nida etc. for 23 years at Karachi Madrissa During these years also participated with our Teachers in writing the book LisanUl Quran three volumes In an Arab state I studied with Arab students and teachers and later taught there for several years. I learnt from their Ilm and from their Sifaat (acquired qualities) and earned several certificates in excellent position.

Suairah Tariq Mahmood

Suairah Tariq Mahmood is an Islamic student with a decade of comprehensive study in various disciplines, including Quranic exegesis, Prophetic traditions, jurisprudence, and more. With the prestigious Sanad Ibn al-Jazari (chain of Quranic narrators to the Prophet PBUH), she shares her deep Quranic knowledge passionately, fostering a supportive learning environment for diverse students. Her fluency in multiple languages (English, Urdu, and Arabic) aids her global reach, connecting with students worldwide. Suairah's blend of Islamic expertise and a bachelor's degree in Islamic Finance equips her to balance deen and dunya. Her commitment to ongoing learning and empowerment through Islam continues to impact and inspire people worldwide.

Mr. Muhannad

My journey with the Noble Qur’an began in my childhood, as I completed the memorization of the Qur’an at the age of 9 years. Since my childhood, I loved studying and teaching the Holy Qur’an, and I learned that it is one of the highest actions to draw closer to God. Indeed, I started teaching the Holy Qur’an in some mosques, and then I started my journey with teaching non-Arabs, starting from how to read the Arabic language, to mastering reading the Holy Qur’an with intonation and knowing the meanings of the verses and interpretations. . Over the course of two consecutive years of work, I have gained experience in how to deal with children and adults, and teach them the basics of the Islamic religion such as prayer and some jurisprudential matters, in addition to memorizing, reviewing and interpreting the Holy Qur’an.

Shaikh Hilal


Zunaira Tariq Mahmood

Zunaira Tariq Mahmood is a highly respected Islamic educator with over a decade of expertise in various Islamic disciplines, including Tafseer, Hadees, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tajweed, and Arabic language. Holding the prestigious Sanad Ibn al-Jazari, her deep connection to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad is evident. Zunaira's remarkable achievement of memorizing the Holy Quran at the age of 10 reflects her dedication to Islamic studies. Over the past six years, she has passionately taught Islamic Studies to a diverse global audience through Al Hady Academy, using her proficiency in multiple languages and effective communication skills to bridge cultural gaps and deliver Islam's message with warmth and humility. Her academic excellence in Islamic Finance provides valuable.