Tajweed for Kids


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About the Course:


Introducing Tajweed for Kids – a foundational journey that ignites your child’s love for Quranic recitation. At Al Hady Academy, we believe that building a strong foundation in Tajweed is pivotal. This course guides your child step by step through each Tajweed rule, solidifying their understanding through recitation practice after each lesson. Our online Tajweed classes for kids are designed with a passionate commitment to making Quran education an engaging and enriching experience for your children.


What Will Your Child Learn:


  • Confident Recitation: Your child will gain the confidence to recite from the Quran aloud, even in front of others.
  • Mastering Tajweed Rules: Through comprehensive lessons, your child will learn all Tajweed rules and their application while reciting the Quran.
  • Proper Quran Recitation: Your child will initiate reciting the Quran with proper Tajweed, ensuring each word is pronounced correctly.
  • Independent Reading: Equipped with Tajweed knowledge, your child will read any surah from the Quran independently, without assistance.
  • Heightened Love for Quran: As your child progresses, their love for reading and reciting the Quran will flourish.
  • Confident Exploration: Your child will become more confident in reciting new surahs from the Quran, broadening their Quranic repertoire.


At Al Hady Academy, we’re committed to providing your child with an enriching journey into the world of Quranic recitation. Join us today and witness the transformation as your child’s love for the Quran blossoms and their Tajweed skills flourish.


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