Madinah Arabic Reader (Recorded Lectures)


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About this Course:


Welcome to the world of flexible and self-paced language learning with Al Hady Academy’s “Recorded Lectures” course, featuring the renowned “Madinah Arabic Reader” series. We understand that your busy life demands convenience without compromising on quality education.


In this course, we bring the classroom to you through pre-recorded lessons led by experienced educators. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Arabic skills, our Recorded Lectures offer you the freedom to learn at your own pace, on your schedule, and from the comfort of your own space.


What Will You Learn:


  • Dive into the esteemed “Madinah Arabic Reader” series, a time-tested resource for Arabic language acquisition.
  • Benefit from detailed explanations, practice exercises, and authentic language usage.
  • Progress through the course at your preferred speed, pausing and revisiting lessons as needed.
  • Develop strong foundations in Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  • Gain confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending Arabic.
  • Access a treasure trove of educational materials to support your learning journey.


With our Recorded Lectures, you can now experience the convenience of online learning while retaining the quality of a traditional classroom. Join our course and embark on your Arabic language adventure today, unlocking the power of flexibility and effective language education.


Per hour

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