Adaab of Rasool Allah (SAW) for Kids


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About This Course:


Nurture the seeds of exemplary conduct in your children with Adaab of Rasool Allah (SAW) for Kids course. Designed with young minds at its core, this course blends the timeless etiquettes of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with interactive and age-relevant lessons. The course is more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering values that shape character. By introducing children to the Prophet’s beautiful manners, we set them on a path of kindness, understanding, and ethical living, ensuring these teachings accompany them as they grow.


What Will You Learn:


Prophetic Manners: Get acquainted with the beautiful etiquettes of the Prophet, tailored for young understanding.

Eating Etiquettes: Learn the sunnahs of eating, from saying ‘Bismillah’ to eating with the right hand.

Speaking Gracefully: Understand the Prophet’s approach to speaking truthfully, kindly, and effectively.

Interacting with Respect: Grasp the etiquettes of treating elders, peers, and animals with compassion and respect.

Building Bonds: Discover the Prophet’s ways of fostering friendships and maintaining family ties.

Personal Hygiene: Delve into the sunnahs related to cleanliness and personal care.


Equip your children with the golden teachings of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life through Al Hady Academy, ensuring they blossom into compassionate and understanding individuals.


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