Hifz-al-Quran (for kids)


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About This Course:


Introducing the Quran Hifz course for kids – a transformative journey guiding your child through the noble task of memorizing the entire Quran. Our step-by-step approach ensures gradual progress, led by dedicated online teachers who create a nurturing learning environment. Through our online Hifz classes, we infuse the Quranic learning experience with joy and devotion, making it an engaging and memorable journey for your children.


What Your Child Will Learn:


  • Initiate Quran Memorization: Our course kickstarts your child’s Quranic journey, guiding them through the process of memorizing the sacred text.
  • Guided Surah Reviews: Regular reviews with dedicated teachers ensure your child’s memorization remains strong and accurate.
  • Balance of Memorization and Revision: Our course maintains harmony between memorization and revision, fostering a comprehensive grasp of the Quran’s verses.
  • Complete Quran Memorization: By the course’s end, your child will achieve the remarkable milestone of memorizing the entire Quran, a testament to their dedication and spiritual growth.


Enroll now and witness your child flourish as a Hafiz, empowered with a lifelong connection to the Quran’s wisdom.


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