About this Course:

Ignite your Quranic journey with the prestigious Ijaazah Program in Tajweed, offered exclusively by Al Hady Academy. Often overlooked but immensely valuable, this achievement marks a significant milestone in your connection with the Quran. If you're not yet ready for Hifz, seize the opportunity to earn your Ijaazah in the art of Quranic recitation. It's more than a certificate; it's a testament to your authority in transmitting divine knowledge, with an unbroken chain (sanad) connecting you to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

What Will You Learn:

  • Pursue an Ijaazah in Recitation: Embark on an enriching journey aimed at attaining an Ijaazah in Quran recitation, showcasing your expertise and dedication.
  • Guided Reading under Qualified Shaykh(a): Engage in meaningful recitation sessions led by accomplished Shaykhs(a) qualified to grant the esteemed Ijaazah.
  • Serious and Qualitative Program: Al Hady’s commitment to excellence ensures the Ijaazah is conferred upon deserving individuals, validating your proficiency and authenticity.
  • A Journey of Commitment: Recognize that mastery takes time. Some may earn the Ijaazah after an initial reading, while others may require multiple Quranic readings to qualify.

Prerequisites for Success: A solid foundation in tajweed and memorization is crucial. Mastery in these areas is your key to unlocking the Ijaazah Program. If a student applies for the Ijaazah Program but does not qualify with the proper level of tajweed, he/she will not be accepted into the Ijaazah program. If this is the case, then we recommend that you sign up for our online Quran course, if you haven’t already. Once you have perfected your tajweed and memorization, you can apply again for the Ijaazah Program. Upon completing the Ijaazah program, you will receive a certificate from Al Hady as well as the Ijaazah with Sanad from your scholar.