Review 1

Our experience with Al-Hady Academy has been a source of sheer enjoyment, delight, and blessings for both my children and myself. The ZOOM online platform offers an excellent environment for teacher-student interaction beyond the traditional classroom setting, enhanced by its real-time recording capabilities. 

However, the pinnacle of our experience lies in our Quran instructor and teacher, Sheikh Muhammad El-Shahat. His remarkable ability to connect with students and adapt instruction to their learning styles is truly commendable. In just three weeks, he corrected my Arabic letter pronunciation and taught me, a 63-year-old, the tajweed rules along with their practical application.

His skill in teaching children is nothing short of remarkable. Initially unfamiliar with Arabic, both my sons, ages 9 and 7, have made exceptional progress within a year. My eldest son has even completed reading the entire Quran with Tajweed. The online accessibility during travel adds to the convenience, which contrasts with the limitations of traditional mosque or school-based learning. Sheikh Muhammad and Al-Hady Academy deserve a resounding 5-star rating!