E-Learning Quran

How to start your online Quran learning Journey?

Online learning took a high place nowadays and has more attraction than before, all that you need to start ….internet access and (Laptop, PC, or phone).
here in Al-Nafi Islamic Academy, you will find all the guidance and support to start your Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies online Courses, taught by our experienced Egyptian male and female Sheikhs who graduated from Al-Azhar Alshrif.
-We provide you the good support and customer service too, we track your performance, we collect your feedback, and we are always here to help and support Because we know it’s hard to motivate yourself or your kids to learn, but we use our modern teaching skills to make yourself or your kids learning journey more beneficial and joyful too.
-With Al-Nafi Islamic Academy courses you will find what you search for.

-Quran course
We have an excellent course that will suit and satisfy your needs designed to fit different ages and different levels
if you searching for Ijazah in Tajweed and recitation we offer you this perfect Course.
and if you looking to be Quran Hafiz (Memorization) we offer you one of the highest achievements for learning the Quran. 
Al-Nafi Islamic Academy offers a complete online Ijaazah Program in Hifz with a strong sanad to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
We also have courses and programs designed to teach your kids Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies
Visit our courses page via this link.
May Allah make His words easy on our tongues. Ameen.


  1. Muhammad Yushua Khan says:

    I paid for hifz memorization and Arabic learnic course on 28 the April but it is still in processing.

  2. Umemma Jabbar says:

    My daughters are already in the hafiz e Quran program in private school so I would like both daughters will join and continue with your platform.
    below is the info about my daughter.
    need some information
    1- monthly fee
    2- Hafiz e Quran ( duration )
    3- Can they join any IT pro ?

  3. Abeeha sarfraz says:

    i am a quran hafiza i need a students to teach them quran online

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